Let’s Disrupt Disruptions by Thinking and Managing Anew

Airlines are facing some of the greatest challenges ever, and among them operational disruptions which have become drivers of operational inefficiencies, unreported rise in costs, and cause of increasing passenger dissatisfaction.

In this webinar, Jasenka Rapajic, founder of Astute Aviation and author of the book ‘Beyond Airline Disruptions’ talks about how to disrupt disruptions by getting the insight into their deeper origins and bridging the information gaps between strategy and operations.

Among other topics, Jasenka will cover:

  • Current obstacles to improvement in operational performance
  • How and why traditional management practices and information systems, hinder improvements, preventing airlines from providing better service at lower cost
  • A new framework for decision making that takes into account complexities and dynamics of airline operation

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Jasenka-RapajicJasenka Rapajic is the founder of Astute Aviation, an airline industry consultancy specialising in modern approaches to airline management. Her diverse experience spanning strategy, planning, operations, sales and marketing, within legacy, low-cost, charter airlines and a software company, has been the foundation for a broad and deep understanding of airline and industry issues. She was the founder of CEFIS, an airline software company, the recipient of a SMART award from the UK's Department of Trade and Industry for the company's innovative cost-control solution. She blogs at Beyond Airline Disruptions. Jasenka is the author of Beyond Airline Disruptions. The second edition of this book Thinking and Managing Anew was published in December last year.


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