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A Roadmap for Transforming Cruise Lines During COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

Ensuring Safety, Optimizing Costs, and Growing Additional Revenue for Future Success


As cruise lines begin to resume operations, they must develop new strategies to respond to the changing desires, expectations, and health requirements of travelers while being more responsive to regulatory changes. Future success depends on several market-driving capabilities, all enabled by a centralized digital platform and its tools.

This E-book serves as a guide to cutting-edge solutions and techniques for success in this new global environment, including:

  • Robust and streamlined safety and health solutions throughout the travelers’ experience
  • Optimized costs through automation, self-service, and performance-based technologies
  • Increased revenue opportunities through new distribution, products, and onboard benefits
  • Minimized risk through loyalty strategies, predictive capabilities, and operational preparedness
  • Strategies for inspiring a new generation of travelers

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